Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kolli Hills - What a place!

We had been to Kolli Hills this Jan (would you imagine travelling to a hill station in the month of January, wierd, isn't it?). It was just an enchanting experience. The beauty of the hills just held us spellbound. We thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment of our stay. The entire trip was so good and nourishing except for one thing which brought down the spirit of the whole trip. After three days of fun and enjoyment, we were all decked up to start back home. In just a fraction of a moment, when all of us were around, Adi just fell down and hit his chin against a cement slab. There was a deep cut in his chin and we had to rush him to a primary health care centre (there are no hospitals in the area). To our dismay, there was no doctor available in the health care centre. We had to find out the doctor's house and get the doctor to the center to treat Adi. The whole experience was quite traumatic. Even now, when I see the mark on his chin, it gives me mixed feelings. It not only reminds me of the dreadful fall he had but also reminds me of the visually captivitating Kolli Hills. This is a place which we all will never forget in one way or the other.

Few snaps for you to enjoy :)

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