Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fun at Mayajaal

There are so many ways to entertain the little ones these days. Gone are the days when we used to sit before the Doordarshan every Sunday watching 'He-Man and the master of the Universe' and the regional movie. The kids want to do something different and new every weekend and they refuse to go to the same old beach every Sunday. It really becomes difficult for us to choose and take them to exciting and new places every weekend. We spent a fun-filled and exciting day at Mayajaal.

At the games spot...I believe these games are only for kids(?)!
Adi Kutty with his cousins
Ruban trying his hand at Bowling...releases the ball thinking it would knock down all pins...but...

At Pichavaram

Recently, we had visited Pichavaram along with my sis and her kids. I have never been there before and the whole experience was enthralling. The boatride through the mangroove forest was both soothing and exciting. The overhanging branches and the dark channels gives you a thrilling experience. Few pictures taken from the boat....